11 Feb 2013
Social media sings for the 2013 Grammy awards

With over 8 million conversations across social media during its live telecast, The Grammys have continued to prove that live performances and celebrities are a winning combination. An analysis of these conversations shows an overall positive trend in sentiment, with the number of conversations reaching their highest points around Rihanna’s solo performances, Jay-Z’s joke about The-Dream’s hat, and Justin Timberlake’s performance that turned the show’s visuals to black and white. Below is a breakdown of our data analysis and some of the celebrity highlights:

  • Between the red carpet, her multiple performances, and her appearance with Chris Brown, Rihanna was by far the largest draw during this year’s Grammys
  • Frank Ocean’s conversation trended positively as many fans kept rooting for him with every award. However, many viewers were very unimpressed with Frank Ocean’s actual live performance later in the program
  • While Taylor Swift fans were excited to see her, viewers were less happy to see the frequency in which she appeared on camera during the audience shots, dancing and singing along to performances
  • Ed Sheeran was this year’s most snubbed nominee, as negative fan reactions peaked when he lost Song of the Year to Fun. Conversations also greatly picked up when Chris Brown refused to give a standing ovation to Frank Ocean when he won Best Urban Contemporary Album.
  • Other notable celebrities that didn’t make the top 10 were Adele at #11, Miguel (#12), Kelly Clarkson (#13), Justin Timberlake (#14), Fun. (#15), and Jay-Z (#16).

While we do collect and analyze conversations from across the entire social web, the Grammys’ many Twitter activations to engage with viewers are also important to understand the impact live programming can have:

  • Mentions of @TheGrammys from 1/1/13 thru 2/10/13
    • 1,090 total / 27 daily average
  • Mentions of #GrammyLive from 1/1/13 thru 2/10/13
    • 146,690 total / 3,493 daily average
  • Mentions of #TheWorldisListening from 1/1/13 thru 2/10/13
    • 149,410 total / 3,557 daily average
  • Mentions of #GrammyGlam from 1/1/13 thru 2/10/13
    • 7,980 total / 190 daily average
  • Mentions of #Grammys from 1/1-2/10/13
    • 3,334,630/daily average 79,396


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