21 Feb 2013
Social picks the winners: 2013 Academy Awards

With the 2013 award season coming to a wrap this weekend with The Academy Awards, we hope you’ve correctly picked who’s going to win in your office pools.

At Networked Insights, we always like to inform our decisions with social data, so if you’re interested in getting a competitive advantage over your colleagues check out our pre-Oscars report below. Keep an eye out for our update Monday morning after the Oscars, which will explore the top celebrities and advertisers at the award show.

Some of the highlights from our analysis include:

  • Picks from Oscar fans about who they think is going to win
  • Picks from general movie fans about who they think is going to win
  • Insights into the social response behind Seth MacFarlane’s Academy Awards hosting gig

Click here to download the full Report


About Sean Reckwerdt

Sean Reckwerdt is the Lead Analyst and a Cultural Anthropologist at Networked Insights. As a TV, Transmedia, and Multi-modality specialist, Sean explores the areas in which consumers, brands, networks, and fans overlap in real-time.

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