11 Apr 2012
To Social Fans of Sweater Vests Everywhere

Yesterday was a rough day for the avid supporters of Rick Santorum as he officially announced the end of his presidential campaign. While he certainly had his fair share of social supporters, the majority of conversations involving Santorum, particularly on Twitter, skewed negatively and sarcastically (mind you this is of course not a new observation). So even though political topics are not our primary interest here at Networked Insights, since a lot of our clients don’t build political campaigns into their media plans, we can’t say no when asked to use our tools and expertise to present some real-time insights behind cultural events and social trends.

Below is a quick summary of Twitter’s reaction to Santorum’s announcement:

One of the more interesting insights to take away from this is that while the conversation built up and then directly collapsed following the official televised speech, the majority of tweeters did not indicate any interest in actually watching the presentation.

To read more about these social reactions check out Emily Steel’s article at the Wall Street Journal.


About Sean Reckwerdt

Sean Reckwerdt is the Lead Analyst and a Cultural Anthropologist at Networked Insights. As a TV, Transmedia, and Multi-modality specialist, Sean explores the areas in which consumers, brands, networks, and fans overlap in real-time.